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Let's Play Some Roles: Escape the Horror with Dread

Let's Play Some Roles: Escape the Horror with Dread

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend camping in the woods. That was, until you and your friends woke up to find themselves in The Labyrinth. Taunted by a sadistic voice and hounded by creatures the likes of which you've never imagined could be real, you must all keep your wits about you as solve the Voice's riddles and puzzles. Dread is a horror role-playing game published by The Impossible Dream with very simple mechanic: the Tower. An ordinary Jenga tower, desperation actions require more and more pulls. Knock the Tower over, and your fate is sealed. Pre-made character sheets provided; all you need to show up with is yourself! Space is limited so sign up quick!

Let's Play Some Roles is offered at noon on the following dates:

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
12:00pm - 12:50pm
CTL Classroom - Library 317
Alex Gradine
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