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Japanese Tea Ceremony

Enjoy a demonstration of the ancient and mysterious art of Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony. This event is presented by Harvey II and the Horai Center. Chanoyu is a cultural practice with roots in Zen Buddhism, involving the ceremonial preparation and consumption of powdered green tea, or matcha.


About the Horai Center:

The Horai Center is a DreamMaker program of the Ink People Center for the Arts of Eureka.  Horai Center’s mission is to increase understanding, harmony and cultural exchange through the study and promotion of Japanese arts and culture, especially Chanoyu and Chado (The Way of Tea). Harvey II is an independent scholar in the field of experimental history.  He has been a practitioner of Chado since 1984 and is an instructor of the Urasenke style of Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The Horai Center is also involved in promoting the Eureka-Kamisu Sister City association. This relationship was originally founded in 1991 with the port city of Kamisu on Japan’s east coast and offers an opportunity for the two cities to gain valuable benefits through exchanges of art, culture, education, and commerce. Information will be available.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Fishbowl (Room 209)
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